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Re:Welcome to Fashionista forum

[Post New]by LikaLaruku on Sep 30, 08 11:43 PM
When I was looking for Vast Studios, to see what other games they've made, I never found their site, but I didn find a lot of Torrent sites offering "cracked" versions of the game. Might want to do something about that. It's because of game pirates that hardcore PC games went from $40 to $50 over the course of a year.


Re:Welcome to Fashionista forum

[Post New]by ChileTillie on Dec 9, 08 12:04 PM
I have to say that I bought the game, but kind of regretted it.

Not because the idea isn't good, it really is but there's a few things that are annoying:

1. You do not get any info on the clothes that you buy. Some of them seems to be t-shirts, obviously when you use it on a magazine cover they're not! The sales go down and one is left wondering what category the particular piece of clothes you've bought is...

2. Not everybody knows what a flat top shoe is. A lot of forreigners play this game, but I imagine it's supposed to be able to bought by everyone, and as so understood by everyone... And I imagine that not everyone from english countries don't know what flat top shoes are either. Smiles. I, for one, am still not sure... Flat shoes with top? Flat topped shoes? What is it?? Hehe.

3. The new models you buy look hideous on the cover because they have a different color face than body, please fix that. People who buy this care about these things!

4. You play endless covers, and yet there are only 6 different backgrounds or so, and that's annoying. It would also be cool if you could use several colors on the background when you use the color scheme-thingy as background.

5. There are not enough accessories, and the different kinds can't be chosen in different colors, very annoying.

6. MUCH better tutorial. When you start up you've no idea what the heck you're doing. Gotta fix that up.

I was very sad (and annoyed) that these things didn't work, especially because I thought that there was finally a much bigger fashion-game where one actually would be able to choose a lot of different things and where you make pretty pictures. I was so excited...
Please, please, please fix these things developers, and then give everyone who supported you by buying a free game with the fixes...

Just a thought



Re:Welcome to Fashionista forum

[Post New]by jesjerzjes on Feb 11, 09 7:07 PM
its hard to progress in this game i completed dozens of covers and ive only unlocked one city in the airport its too bad cos i like the features of this game but not how vague it is


Re:Welcome to Fashionista forum

[Post New]by selenademi01 on Dec 17, 09 7:32 PM
this game is sooooooooooo boring the dresses r ugly and models r soo oooooo dum n ugly hw can anyone make it.

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Re:Welcome to Fashionista forum

[Post New]by ewartman on Apr 24, 10 9:38 PM
It feels as tho I'm the only one with the extra chromosome preventing me from getting past what to do after you get your 1st building and I can't seem to do any assigning.There are no options for any of the items that you can click on. It just defaults to you must assign.. I have no instructions/options or why or what... There is no bubble or "hover over" to tell me how I'm failing. I am not usually needy or clueless but REALLY?( I spent a lot of money buying stuff at the mall. Maybe I ran out of money but how would I know in this tutorial?)
I have several minutes left on trial but aborted when I got stuck. So far not a luring purchase by any means, but am curiously intrigued by those of you who got and loved this game.
I have thoroughly enjoyed BFG site. It was the chocolatier series that brought me to the pond. I DO enjoy several games, but ah... nothing like C1 C2 and C3.

Happy Gaming

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Re:Welcome to Fashionista forum

[Post New]by strings393 on Aug 8, 10 9:41 AM
It'd be nice if they set a goal for us so we know how much money we need to move on to the second building.

And I agree with a poster above me; I have no clue what a flat-top shoe is. :/


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[Post New]by mrsdogma on Nov 4, 11 11:12 AM
I'm right there with all of you. I played this game for several hours and never got anywhere. I'm still in the same building with all the same people. I have no idea how much money it takes to even get the second office. I've purchased all of the accessories and most of the other clothing items. I still have no idea what a flat top shoe is since all of them seem to be high heals to me. What I consider to be a T- Shirt is nothing like what they have. It seems I'm in a rut. I wish they had a game guide or something so I would know exactally what they were talking about. The graphics in the game seem a little inferior considering most of the other games out there. I love the idea and concept of the game, but it seems to need a lot of work to make it a great game. The sad part is I paid for it and now I'm regretting it.


Re:Welcome to Fashionista forum

[Post New]by sunnymoe34695 on Dec 1, 11 3:43 PM
Ditto.. ditto.. ditto.... When can I advance to a new bldg?? what is a flat top shoe?? Why am I getting bad results for doing exactly what they want? Why do they want turtlenecks in the summer magazine??? Why only the one hat???
Too many questions and no answers.. not even a help section....
So BFG... HELP!!
I too bought this and hope to see some results soon or I'm so regretting this purchase.


Re:Welcome to Fashionista forum

[Post New]by amethyst111 on Feb 14, 12 3:11 AM
Do not like this game, it was ok during the tutorial until that stopped and you have to figure it out on your own... As above, you are given no information on anything, i couldn't even work out how to get a different background so i was stuck with 1. The clothes have no info to them either and they are very ugly..

The clothes, shoes etc. don't change very often so it gets boring. Also as said in a different post, there is no idea of how much you need to buy the next office, editor etc.

I deleted it with 16 mins left and i can't believe i lasted that long!

It would be nice for the developers to change these issues and make the game more exciting to play, then i will consider downloading it again.


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