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NOooooo not again.

[Post New]by Yaelle on Apr 24, 16 4:34 PM
This showed up listed as ... not a hidden object game. I'm scrolling through the site for a sale, as I do now & then in hopes that there will actually be one game that is not a HOG, and seperately from the sea of sameness & multitudes of dark haunted clones I find this & only 3 others.

I forget the exact numbers, but I believe the hogs are something like 200 to1 on the whole. Found this & a very, very tiny # of others listed as adventure, so I'm like hey! There's hope.

But then I click on its description & sure enough. Its the same thing as 500, 600 other games. Literally. Thats really just disheartening. There's an entire world of games out there aside from these trivial & mindless things. Its just disheartening because in general, I like BFG, I like the membership arrangements, & I know that they *could* sell real games & attract the 0 to 50 year old crowds, but they just kind of rotate through the same haunted hidden object games over & over & over.

A few of the only times I saw so-called "real" game on here - what they have in common is that they're lengthy - none of that 3 or 4 or 5 hours & youre done mess.

The Nancy Drew series
Aveyond (really long)
The 3 Musketeers series
Plants vs Zombies
Nearly fell out of my chair when I was reading the BF Blog & the game (series) Broken Sword was mentioned. I thought that meant it was availablefor sale here, but apparently it isnt. Weird.

Sigh. I'm just aggravated at the miscategorizing of another game, giving me hope that there was something released thats not a clone of everything else.

Even many of the TM games.

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