At level 130 - losing interest

[Post New]by AverageSizeFish on Apr 24, 16 5:06 PM
I was really enjoying this game up until about level 100. There are several issues that cause the game to run out of interest even before that level.

Number one is the items you can craft. You collect all these things for crafting but you can't really use them to make anything useful except for brushes and horseshoes after a certain point. I bought the lamp stuff for the digging levels. I bought some dynamite stuff for a quest. Now there really is nothing else I need that I can buy using the craft stuff I uncover. When I match in the level I get all these glass shards, pieces of leather or cloth, and similar things so my inventory is filled with them but they have no purpose. This makes it really boring and unrewarding to have them be what I find when I'm going through the levels. Meanwhile, what I would like to craft is some of the plus-ups that can only be purchased with gold. If I cannot craft those plus ups it would at least be nice to be able to sell my useless inventory for gold so I could buy the plus ups I need. It's annoying having this gigantic, useless inventory.

Number two is the puzzle levels where the dev has set up this domino series where you have to get rid of every piece on the board in some specified number of moves. This was fun when I first ran into them but after the first few I started to feel like there should be some other kind of puzzle or's sort of boring going through the same exact kind of puzzle over and over again. I've just started skipping them because it isn't fun doing the exact same kind of puzzle.

Number three is the fact that a lot of the things you need to explore other areas in the level are not only hidden but they're blocked in a section of the board that takes a lot of clicking to get them. The item will be in a square that can only be matched by clicking over and over again while you wait for some random thing to make the match. It just gets tedious clicking all over the board trying to get at that thing. If I could strategically use plus ups to get at it that would be one thing. But, unfortunately, in spite of the fact that I've accumulated a very large inventory of items, none of those items will actually allow me to purchase plus ups.

Number four is these Phoenix feathers. The game acts like they're some huge reward but I've never needed one. I don't understand them at all...they serve no purpose. If I could sell them for a plus up I would but I can't.

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Re:At level 130 - losing interest

[Post New]by kore21 on Apr 25, 16 1:37 PM
i'm around the same level you are.

#1: as you say, except for some early items, the crafting items won serve no useful purpose except to make horse doodads. i agree, the phoenix feathers are pretty useless if you keep your horse items up. unless you stay away from the game for a long time, you don't need the phoenix feather. &, you are encouraged NOT to stay away from the game by daily rewards. crafting power-ups would have been fun, but... they want us to use gold, like in a FTP game. i only let my horse die once on purpose, just to see if all its health got filled or not with the phoenix feather, which it did. they could have been evil & let you you regen the horse, but then make you use a craft item to cure the rest of its health. but, some of the items are useful in character quests. haven't had much problem finishing those. i would have liked a few more of those, since character quests are getting a bit more rare as the game goes by.

#2: the clear the board puzzle, i've been skipping those if i don't get it in the first few tries. i have yard work to do, & synthpopaddict has kindly posted the solutions. getting the extra slot tokens is nice, i don't mind the slot game since it tends to give free power-ups, or else measley amounts of food lol

#3: many match 3's do that. my most hated was jewel quest, i gave up on those & will never buy another. at least in silver tale there are power-ups to get into those hard-to-reach areas, but i try to play using as few of those possible. i have a huge hoard of gold since i am cheap about buying power-ups you can buy the power-ups with gold by clicking the plus sign once the power-up runs out. took me a bit to figure that out.

what is really killing my interest is the dig game. those levels got larger & longer as time went on, which is understandable. but i am seriously bored to tears with it. it's gotten to the point where i turn the game off every time i run into one. it seems to take longer than going thru 4-5 areas on a regular level. so, i am not playing "obsessively," otherwise i would have finished the game by now. not sure i want to check in every day for a month to get all the daily rewards, tho. i almost didn't buy it cause it's designed like a FTP game.

possibly what would have made the game more fun would have been a bit of building, but... can't have everything.


Re:At level 130 - losing interest

[Post New]by gladysschmuck on Apr 25, 16 2:40 PM
I'm getting bored with this game too. The digging to the bottom matches are particularly irritating in that frequently the matchable piece is out of the "flashlight" area. How am I supposed to see something that's in the black area?????

The first 60 or so levels ware fine and enjoyable.............well, except for the exasperating limited click puzzles. I'm at level 111 and haven't a clue why I'm still hanging in except for the fact that I dislike not finishing a game. However, someone else reported 200 levels? That's nuts and far too much.

Could not agree more with the pointlessness of the inventory, feathers, and the silly artifacts. What's the point of having things that have no function or purpose? Should be a store or something in which all that, stuff, could be traded in for something a skip on the stupid limited move puzzles.

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Re:At level 130 - losing interest

[Post New]by HCC_314 on Apr 25, 16 3:36 PM
I am SO glad to read that the Phoenix feathers go unused mostly. I've been getting those a LOT on the last few levels and was wondering if the game was preparing me to lose my horse or my life.

The limited move levels stress me out. I use up way too much time trying to figure out the most efficient way to play, and spend all my gold on power-ups. Then I have to go play the baby levels for awhile until I have enough resources to convert to gold.

Some of the rooms are just too carefully arranged for difficulty. I just had one reshuffle after ONE match.

On the whole, I'm mostly getting tired of my own addiction to this game, but not the game itself. I've played Runefall 3 times, and this is way better. The quest characters and their monologues are a hoot. I hope those quests don't go away completely.

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Re:At level 130 - losing interest

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Apr 25, 16 7:03 PM
200 levels is a little too long for a game of this complexity; will agree with others that 100-150 levels would have been better. But at least this game has an actual end, instead of going on forever as Runefall did!

Tip for the digging levels: IMO it's better to keep the lantern light radius small. Someone posted if you buy enough upgrades to the light radius the digging levels will look like the regular levels, but since you really need to be working at the bottom where the dirt is, you don't want the game always having matches higher up which just wastes your time and moves. Sometimes I'll pause if I don't see any matches, and with the limited radius the game will often auto-reshuffle the tiles for me. If you're in a tight spot and can't drill down farther with matches, use either the bomb (if there isn't a lot of dirt showing) or the wind (lots of dirt showing) to get you going again.

kore21 wrote:many match 3's do that. my most hated was jewel quest, i gave up on those & will never buy another.

Wow, I LOVED JQ Heritage and JQ Sleepless Star but that's just me LOL. The trick to getting to the tight spots in those games was to use the empty spaces strategically. I find myself trying to do it in Silver Tale and other M3s and get frustrated when I can't drag tiles over or use the empty spots...

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Re:At level 130 - losing interest

[Post New]by LAndersen on Apr 25, 16 11:06 PM
Not really sure what level I'm on - currently crossing a lake, I think.

But I must admit that I too am feeling less eager to play these days. I'll do a couple of sittings a day, usually completing two to three levels, depending on how long they take.

The mining rounds are taking too long for my liking and, well, although I like match 3 games I'm more of a adventure/time management girl - I like story, variety, development.

One of the things that bugs me most is that wimpy horse of mine: OK, so it needs feeding, but it goes through saddles etc. like there's no tomorrow, becoming "malnourished" if I don't provide all these fancy accessories . I think it's got some racket going on the side, selling on the gear to other, less fortunate horses. Whatever, it is one high maintenance horse!

I'm not too bothered about the game losing some of its appeal, though. This way I avoid sitting still too long, getting all woozy and stiff

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Re:At level 130 - losing interest

[Post New]by AverageSizeFish on Apr 26, 16 3:27 PM
The tip to the digging levels is to buy all the upgrades that will help you with them...after all there is nothing else you can use all this junk for anyway.

Once you've done that, when you're in the digging level concentrate on making amphora and bomb matches and work to make them so your explosives are in adjacent tiles...combine them once they are. I've enjoyed the digging levels by using this strategy and seeing how few moves I could use to get to the bottom. I've never used a plus up in the digging levels and I always end up with lots of moves to spare...sometimes over 100. If anything, using this strategy, the digging levels are too easy.

To me overall, the game feels like a game that was meant to be FTP and was broken by being made a game that isn't FTP. I will never even look at a FTP game so at least this dev is moving in the right direction. That said, removing a monetary system where you spend real money for gold means you need to provide some other means for players to buy gold if all your plus ups depend on it and winning levels depends on plus ups.

The easy route with the current game set up would be to create a "market" where you can sell all the otherwise useless junk you find in the levels for the gold you need to buy plus ups...all the rune dust, leather, and etc. The more creative route would be to make the inventory items you find work in some system that required them to make plus ups from. That would have the added bonus of making it significant when you found a glass shard or whatever. As it is it's just annoying to me now when I find this junk. The game had so much potential and it's disappointing to have everything you find be some useless piece of junk.

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