Problems with windows 10

[Post New]by 555tinker on Apr 25, 16 12:33 AM
I recently upgraded to a solid state hard drive and windows 10, I decided to play a few of my older tycoon games and this one is a whole lot of issues. In full screen I can only see about 75% of the screen and if I go windowed mode the game gets really glitchy. Around the cursor the screen becomes pixelated is the biggest issue for me, but I worked around it and was able to play until the game just crashed taking my progress with it.

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Re:Problems with windows 10

[Post New]by faith5009 on Jun 23, 16 4:03 AM
I have the same problem as 555Tinker except this game doesn't even LOAD. Instead, I get msg. that Big Fish link has closed. Problem "unknown."

This is my all-time favorite game! Darn! I do not see a response from the Big Fish techs regarding these loading issues with Art Mogul.


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