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Re:second editor

[Post New]by GizzyOne on Oct 1, 08 1:31 AM
But what benefit do you get from the second editor? Or the second writer and photographer? Apart from you fulfil the objectives and get told to earn more to get the third building etc? You don't get more backgrounds or more options - just carry on doing the same old same old and make more money.

As for the second model - words fail me. I thought she might have a different body or something.

In case you haven't got there yet, the second model is dark-skinned - she's not drawn well enough to show if she's actually meant to be black.

The trouble is, the only thing that changes is her face. So we have a second model who has a black face and a white body. I can't bring myself to use her. Or if I do, Only in outfits that completely cover her body.

I was loving this game - some of the clothes are truly hideous, but maybe I only think that because I'm getting old :o) but I managed to put together some nice looking ensembles, apart from when I was meant to be using, say, orange and green together, But I was spending a lot longer on it than I should, because I wanted to see what would open up to me when I got the second office etc. And at the moment it looks like it's - er - nothing. Same cover, same backgrounds, same body (different coloured head). Thought I might be offered new locations for photoshoots, or other editing. And what do the editors and the writers and the photographers do in this game? Choose which "writer" to use (there ain't no "writing"!) and it makes no difference whatsoever.

I feel very let down, BF. Going back to Hidden Expedition Amazon - now THERE'S a game!

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