st. Brodeux resturant and milkshakes

[Post New]by xylogirl2001 on Sep 28, 08 7:25 AM
I have 2 questions..

The first is does anyone know how to beat St. Brodeux restaurant? I have been trying and trying and i can't raise the 2500 that i need to win. I'll take any ideas I can get.

Also has anyone else noticed that the milkshakes don't come as often as they say. They say it comes after so many matches yet I only seem to get 1-2 a level..

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Re:st. Brodeux resturant and milkshakes

[Post New]by Reesmom on Jan 4, 10 2:52 PM
I've noticed the shakes don't come very often, I might get two the whole time I'm playing, luckily, the songs seem to keep the customers pretty happy, I just can't get past 2100, YET.

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