fairway solitaire

[Post New]by spookietooth on Sep 28, 08 9:16 AM
I have been stuck on the spike level for 3 weeks. There is noway to achive a long drive of 24. I believe it is fixed...HELP


Re:fairway solitaire

[Post New]by Peter987 on Sep 28, 08 9:51 AM
Hiya try playing other levels 2 collect cards 4 ur club bag,once u hav quite a few in bag use them all on level 2 get long run.hope that helps.


Re:fairway solitaire

[Post New]by bibleteacher on Sep 30, 08 5:55 PM
Peter you can do it.. just like spookie said, collect clubs and then use them to create a long run.. You can go over 30 if the cards lay out right.

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