Creating Map Piece

[Post New]by TamaraPO on Apr 29, 16 3:25 AM
Can anyone tell me if they've come across a glitch in the game. I'm trying to create a piece of the map. i have the sketch, paper and pencil. Ive put the sketch and paper together but it won't let me grab the pencil to draw on it. i had the same problem with trying to cut the sack of leaves so I could put the poor hamster in it. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the game. when i went back in it had saved my data and it allowed me to create my 'breathing sack'.
I tried the same thing when I came across the glitch with the sketch but it didn't work. I know what's 'sposed to happen because I checked in the 'walkthrough' on youtube.
other than the glitches I've been enjoying the game so any help to keep going would be much appreciated.

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