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Thanks BF

[Post New]by patnsky on Jan 5, 10 5:24 PM
Thanks BF for another fun game and not a Hidden Object. The little dog was cute and helpful at times. I also liked that there is a story line. I do wish there were a few changes to make it even better. One, being able to get the characters from one place to another after clicking on their icons without having to go get them. I heard some say the music was lacking, I do not know as I always turn off the music in all games. This is not a game with great graphics... but frankly it does not call for it. I think that would have been distracting. Finding almost all the objects, will some patience, were able to find without using hints. I did use the walkthrough a couple of times and would have liked to be able to reduce the screen from “full screen” in options. I sometimes to like to have both the game and the walkthrough visible at the same time.

Do I regret buying this game?? No way. I had hours and hours of fun with no time frames to do it in.

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Re:Thanks BF

[Post New]by JayTeeLine on Aug 24, 11 5:43 AM

I agree with you patnsky.

Just finished it today. Took me parts of 3 days to do it and DIDN'T have to use the WT. Just the old brain cells, and trial and error.

Even though I am not the quickest or the sharpest gamer (being such a slow gamer) I was so surprised how much I enjoyed this unusual and quirky little game. I really had fun, and thanks to the dog guide with plenty of bones to activate his ability to help me...I think I will replay it quite a few times in the future.

A sweet little gem, and a happy surprise to buy it at DD's 2.99. If it ever comes on the COTW I would recommend that everybody who hasn't already tried give it a go. It's got a lot of playing value and you can't beat these prices.

I also want to say thank you to BF for offering this game.

I smiled all the way through it -- even when I was tempted to become frustrated. After giving my old brain a rest, I just kept on keeping on, and actually finished it. To finish a game like this is very rare for me, and it totally made my day!!!!!

to all from jt
AND happy gaming

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