Finally Finished!!

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Apr 30, 16 6:26 PM
Wow this is a very long game. A little repetitive with the match 3 boards and HOS's in order to complete all three farms. I did manage to achieve all the trophies except for the 10 dynamite in one level. I tried everything I could think of like matching as quickly as possible on a large board and starting from the bottom hoping to get the correct cascade but the most dynamite I got was five and that was a very long long long time trying. I gave up and will resign myself to not fully achieving the trophies which is too bad. The developers should make this more achievable or not have it as an achievement. I suppose you could continue playing to upgrade your farms and change them up if you wanted but I see no point. I used completely different upgrades for all three of my farms, finished everything at Level 175 and ended up with $6023 left. I am done!! Good Game.

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