Just playing season 1 and I do not like this game

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Apr 30, 16 9:43 PM
The threads are all locked now so I am starting this one. I bought this game (or should I say games) because I thought it was such a great deal. Two games for the price of one as it is the combo pack and each season is sold separately as well. I began this game December 2015 and only play a few rounds at a time because that is all I can stand in one sitting. Honestly I really should have read more about this game before I bought it. This is not a difficult game by any means it is just frustrating because a lot of the objects are so tiny and blurry and not clear at all. They don't even look like they should so it is extremely hard to see them. The premise of this game was okay but the announcer was annoying as was the ooo and awe of the spectators so I turned all sound off. There are great aspects to the game as I do like some of the creative ways you find the objects and spin the wheel and such but the clarity of the game is terrible to say the least. I am determined to play it through to the end. I just hope that Season 2 is a much better than Season 1. If you are reading this and considering purchasing this game be warned!! I would suggest you try the demo first and see for yourself. Wish I had done that. Oh well they all can't be winners eh?

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