Piano Lock?

[Post New]by zawesomeness on May 1, 16 5:30 PM
Hi all,

Would appreciate if someone would give me tips for the piano lock puzzle..

I've been stuck on it for a while now.




Re:Piano Lock?

[Post New]by zawesomeness on May 12, 16 4:04 PM
I should specify that i'm on the nintendo 3ds version of the game.


Re:Piano Lock?

[Post New]by chihuli on Aug 27, 16 11:12 PM
Ohmygod I was stuck on this one too! I couldn't find the solution anywhere! Maybe you've figured it out by now, but for the sake of people looking this up in the future, here goes:

You'll want to start with either the red or the green circle, it doesn't matter which. I'm starting with red. Okay! So, rotate the red circle until there are two yellow notes that intersect with both the red circle and yellow circle. Then go to the green circle, and do the same. Then, rotate the big yellow circle and align the colors to their respective circles. Then repeat the whole cycle.

I hope this helped!

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