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farseer and the 10th piece of the map

[Post New]by auds7466 on Jan 6, 10 11:56 AM
i have been around the different worlds and can't find the farseer to give me the 10th piece of the map. i have found all the other pieces of map from the worlds as i have been going arond in circles for ages. can someone help me or do i have to redownload the game and start again. i am freaking out.

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Re:farseer and the 10th piece of the map

[Post New]by prpldva on Jan 22, 10 1:08 AM
After you have found the five pieces outside and fixed the gondola, you can go inside. Here you find 4 more pieces and Have to solve a glyph puzzle. After thatm the Farseer will give you the last piece.

Please check the screenshots in the walkthrough.

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