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Casting spells

[Post New]by mojitomomma on May 2, 16 8:15 AM
I'm on level 50 something in Witchdom and stopped paying to "cast spells" for firefly rewards. Seems like an unnecessary waste of gold. Can any of you pros tell me if I'm missing something, thanks.

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Re:Casting spells

[Post New]by Theorem on May 6, 16 3:51 AM
Hi there!

I have stopped casting spells when I realised you couldn't take fireflies from one world to another (also stopped upgrading the trees).

I am around level 45 in Witchville. If I find out I am running out of fireflies, I shall still be able to come back and cast those spells, but for the moment, I am not missing them!

Happy gaming!

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