Reinstalled Super Granny 3 will not play

[Post New]by dragon7380 on May 2, 16 1:17 PM
I have played Super Granny 3. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it but I have some type of remainder of the game on my computer because when I go to open the game, it shows a name that I had used previously. I can not get past level 4, Turn on the A/C because as I hit the bouncing circles to catch the pipe on the top right or left, I can not catch them. So that means I can not get the last cat on the left, and I can not get to the flower to go to the next level.

Somewhere in my machine is a hint of the program and unless I can remove that, I can not redo the game. I am trying to get all the way through the game without losing all of my lives.

I have been able to replay when my computer crashed and I had to redo everything...


Re:Reinstalled Super Granny 3 will not play

[Post New]by dragon7380 on Jul 8, 16 7:35 AM
Big Fish Games, thanks for NOTHING.. ONCE AGAIN you show where you lack the two live brain cells to EVER help anyone with a problem with YOUR GAMES.

There is no excuse for my question not being answered.

I deleted this game MULTIPLE TIMES. and every single time I RELOAD the game, it shows that I already have a player names...THAT MEANS that you have some info hidden on my computer about this game. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE **** IT IS SO I CAN DELETE IT and play the game.

The game will not allow me to go finish level 4,Turn down the AC...and as such I can not play the game again.

YOU people are a PILE OF CRAP...**** ****. get off your **** and solve the problem.

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