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[Post New]by Pggirl65 on May 2, 16 7:59 PM
Ok am i the only one frustrated right now, dont get me wrong i am glad there are things to do, but meanwhile waiting for the continuation of the castle upgrade you are saving the basalts etc for when the next stage is ready, but meanwhile they are taking up so much room in storage that you cant store much else if anything. Wish they would do something about that

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[Post New]by Vichrice on May 3, 16 3:27 AM
If you choose to block 600 out of 700 storage slots, there is not much anybody could help you with.
Try to sell these bricks, I think it might help.



[Post New]by the_laughing_cat on May 3, 16 4:39 AM
I'm with Vich - sell the raw materials or create some bricks...with the dives, there'll always be plenty more basalt and amber where they came from.



[Post New]by Bunny_Foofoo on May 4, 16 7:26 AM
I have the same problem with the bricks taking up space in inventory, but I've discovered a way to continue to build up my supply of bricks without adding any more to inventory.

(1) Collect ingredients to make the special bricks
(2) Fill your inventory with anything else (that way, the bricks you have already made won't be harvested)
(3) Start more bricks being created. If you get the "inventory is full" message, just close it and tap the building again.
(4) Use the ingredients you harvested (to fill your inventory) in whatever manner you see fit.

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