[Post New]by zkay653 on Jan 6, 10 11:23 PM
Ive been trying to finish the last day of week 8 and I am having alot of trouble. Is there any certain way I should have everything organized? and how many of everything? I just can't seem to get over this hump. Thanks to anyone for replying

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[Post New]by MaggieMaeeye on Jan 7, 10 1:40 AM
Hi zkay653! I'm sending you something that I hope will help!



[Post New]by Startrekgirl on Jan 14, 10 2:08 AM
Towards the end of a game, try stocking up on everything so that yr fully loaded when that game finishes and you can start a fresh. (If you see yr not gonna finish, stock up again and have another go).
Have plenty of sprinklers; 3 birds; 3 cows; 3 sheep; 3 jam machines; ONE butter machine; 2 bread machines; 2 sauce machines; 8 bee hives. Lotsa corn then once filled sell and use space for other veges. I focus on filling milk and butter and wool first off, then the corn. ( I do NIL else till that's all filled... leaving you with less orders to fill. When I'm using ANY MACHINES I always automatically click on the TOOL no matter what - this way it won't break down and you can continue on clicking/filling orders. Good Luck!



[Post New]by Startrekgirl on Jan 14, 10 2:13 AM
p.s. It's easy to work exactly how much to plant for each animal: e.g. cows can only eat 3 clovers at a time (re-grows fast) so U only need a max of approx 11 clovers (2 spare for birds and/or bug probs). U can also re-feed cows before they need it then go onto something else. Sheep eat 3 hays; 3 tomatos and 3 stocked up which will automatically start by themselves. etc

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[Post New]by BlueSkunk12 on Jan 17, 10 1:22 AM
What worked for me was 1 plot of Clover, 1 plot of Wheat, 1 plot of Pumpkin, 1 plot of Grapes, 1 plot of Corn, 2 plots of Tomatoes, and 1 plot with 3 Wheat, 3 Pumpkin, 2 Corn. A plot has 8 squares with a Sprinkler in the middle.

Then I had 2 Sheep, 3 Cows, 3 Ostriches, 6 Hives.

I also had 1 Cheese Machine, 1 Ketchup Machine, 2 Bread Machines, 2 Jam Machines.

Then I had 3 Crates, with 1 Barn in the middle, so I can reach it no matter where I am.

That still leaves plenty of room for Seed, Pest Spray, Shears, and Toolkits where needed.

Hope you have fun with your Ranch!

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[Post New]by rthomas on Apr 7, 10 7:51 AM
It took me 3 tries to complete the game and get all the trophies. Here's what I did,
(for both modes) I had 12 flowers, 12 corns, 15 tomatoes, 15 wheats, 12 pumpkins, 12 grapes, 2 cows, 2 sheep, 2 birds, 2 catsup machines, 2 jams, 2 bread machines, 1 cheese machine 6 bees, one well, 2 stacks of crates, 3 sprays, and 3 tool kits plus the shears, then I had 2 of each bags of seeds, 1 barn and no sprinklers. But I figured out a trick. (especially for the expert mode) I just couldn't get enough money or crates gathered to get those 2 trophies. So when I was in about week 6, I went to the main menu and said I wanted to start a new ranch and I was able to start the expert mode over and maintain the money and number of crates. If I was behind in stocking up on things, I'd use the farmers market to get caught up so I couldn't get the money very quickly and I had to start the expert mode over 2 times. But I continued to maintain the money and eventually I did it. If it looks like you won't make it before the timer runs out, just go to the main menu and say you want to restart the ranch and you'll keep all you've gained. This may not be quite legit, but it worked and I've got all the trophies.



[Post New]by penrichy on May 11, 11 5:15 PM
I am having a very hard time finishing the game also. It seems like I always have to replant crops. I have sprinklers, but with the pest warning comes up I'm too busy to spray the plant.

Does anyone know how to keep the plants from dieing?




[Post New]by MargieYakubovich on Feb 21, 14 8:38 AM
The trick is to start making the product that requires the most work, which is the bread machines. I had 5 bread machines, then 3 Jam and about 2 Ketchup.
I took my time making everything and having all machines stocked and then let the clock run out of time.
On the second try your products are ready to take to the barn. Once I finished the bread, I sold all the machines and bought more Ketchup and Grape jam, etc.
Once I got all the Jam I sold those and bought another cow and about 3 sheep.
Make sure the barn is kind of in the middle and put your Ostrich and cows together.
The less running around you do the faster you will be.
Good luck

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