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Perfect EVERY Location Badge

[Post New]by katy12250 on May 4, 16 2:45 PM
How do you get this badge? I've got all the other badges, have gold stars on all the locations, and don't have any idea what they want on this one.

Has anyone got this yet? And, if so, how?

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Re:Perfect EVERY Location Badge

[Post New]by burf90 on May 4, 16 7:08 PM
I have a feeling the badges are a little glitchy in this game. I got that badge with no problems. By definition, you have to find all the objects, all the trash, and all the wildlife to get a perfect score. If you have gold stars on every level, you should have the award.

The only thing I can suggest is to slowly look at all the level images from the map screen and check to see if you somehow missed a single gold star somewhere. (Good luck scrolling slowly, though. They fly by at the speed of light on my PC whenever I try to scroll through them...)

And I never skip puzzles or use hints, so I don't know if that would disqualify you for the perfect score or not. I wouldn't think so, but maybe someone else can clarify that.

The badge I can't get is finishing a mini-game in under a minute, even though I've actually used a stopwatch on a few to make sure I was under a minute. I still don't have that award even after replaying bunches of levels to try to get it. That's why I think there might be a glitch with the badges. I never had trouble getting them in any of the earlier games in this series.

I'm playing on Windows 8.1, if that has anything to do with a possible glitch.

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