Cannot replay levels

[Post New]by AverageSizeFish on May 4, 16 3:11 PM
It's very disappointing that I am unable to replay levels in this game. This makes the game so broken that I want a refund. I would not have purchased this game if the page I bought it on had informed me that there was a bug that disallowed repeat play.

It's even more disappointing that this problem was reported many times long ago and it still has not been fixed.

What's even more disappointing than these facts is that Big Fish apparently thinks the way to deal with customer complaints about this problem is to lock the threads where customers are complaining about the problem.

When you're making a computer game or application, customer bug reports are a valuable means of making your game or app better. They should be greeted with thanks and an update rather than with a gag. I am far more unhappy about the way this problem has been handled than the fact that the problem was there in the first place. I understand that computer programs sometimes need a bit of tweaking. I do not understand poor customer service or a refusal to fix a clearly defined bug that has been reported by numerous customers.

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