Ravenhearst Saga

[Post New]by Tinkle126 on May 5, 16 10:35 PM
Hi there gamers!

Can anyone please give me a little rundown of the general Ravenhearst story? I've just finished playing Key to Ravenhearst and absolutely fell in love with it, and when I realised that there's a whole saga I just HAD to go and buy the first two games to catch up with the story. The problem is they are soooo friggin old I can't even drag myself through them and there's no way I'm buying Escape to Ravenhearst. But I've just bought "Unlocked" (because "Key to.." was so good and I just can't wait to play the newest one!) but I still want to know the full story before I start. So could somebody kindly relay to me the general details? All I know so far is that Emma fell in love with/married Charles who murdered her, and then somewhere along the line Alistair comes along and the twin girls... not much I know lol

Thank you to anyone who can help!

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