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Loved it.

[Post New]by SpookyPigdog on Sep 29, 08 1:53 AM
I didn't mind the first Carrie The Caregiver, but the sound effects of the babies pooping was just too realistic and annoying for others around you!

I loved playing Preschool so much, I bought it. Sure, the voice overs and some of the sound effects are annoying after the 500th time, but there is enough variety and challenge to keep going back to it. The best bit was when the week was broken up into each task, rather than a whole week of the same task.

I couldn't get any of the mini games to work though. Not sure why.

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Re:Loved it.

[Post New]by Ouchieboo on Jul 14, 09 7:39 PM
I played the game too and liked it although I don't play it anymore because I forgot about it but now I ight play it but i'm having a perfect time with the mini games.

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