[Post New]by pilotcardriver on May 6, 16 10:37 AM
how do u upgrade to play some of your games I would like to play Redemption Cemetery:At Death Door but its wont let me said to upgrade

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[Post New]by abarrett on May 6, 16 1:10 PM
Are you a Game Club Member? If not, that could be why you couldn't play today, and need to 'upgrade'. Otherwise, you can play the demo tomorrow.



[Post New]by BarbaraFish on May 13, 16 6:59 PM
Is it that you have the standard edition and want to get the collector's edition?

In that case, just buy the collector's edition- wait for a sale- then contact customer service and they will give you a "refund" in the form of a coupon to buy a new standard edition game.

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[Post New]by Howatch on Jun 6, 16 11:02 AM
I could be wrong, but I believe that I have read that the upgrade will not be granted if you bought the CE on sale.

Here is the quote from the Big Fish Help section:

Please note: We are unable to offer upgrades from a standard version game to a Collector's Edition that was purchased at a sale price.

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