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Opening Gem Box

[Post New]by cricketw on Jan 9, 10 12:30 PM
HELP! dear gamers, i'm a 77 years old kid and just loved my Christmas gift of
Mystery Case Files. I had little trouble with, Ravenhearst and Huntsville, but now I've gone through Prime Suspects and for the life of me I'm stumped on opening the gem box. I've given myself three hours and can not solve it. Any of you nice people out there want to help , I would appreciate it. My wife of 56 years knows what it takes to keep me busy at the computer. I'm having a ball working on these Hidden Objects Adventure. In advance thanks for the HELP!!!!! CRICKETW!

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Re:Opening Gem Box

[Post New]by ETCO2 on Jan 30, 10 3:40 PM
Just in case you didn't find this in another post .... I didn't find out the answer to the opening puzzle on my own. Hope this helps you!

(1 being the top and go round in a clockwise last number being 8)

I numbered the slots starting at the top and working clockwise, 1-8. Follow this sequence. The first number is where to place the jewel, the second is where to move it. 1->6, 8->3, 4->1, 7->4, 2->7, 5->2, 5->8 Congratulations, Master Detective!

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