Maestro dark Talent not showing in purchase history shows as music from the void instead. huge err

[Post New]by TinaB80 on May 8, 16 7:35 AM
I purchased the maestro dark talent game all went through fine for collectors edition today with the mother code giving me 60% off happy so I thought. I went back to install game and saw a huge error on site! it said id bought maestro music from the void collectors edition instead. I dont know what to do as, its not the game I want or purchased its some kind of site error.
I have a free game code but, it's only for standard games and its of no help in buying the game again as I lose my collectors edition game.
I dont need music from the void as I already have it activated on my computer as my sister has it under her id. I wanted to buy and play something different.

please help its making my day long and miserable. I know its the weekend and its mothering sunday so understand but hoping someone can get back to me please.
$7.99 over £6.00 gbp is a lot to pay for a game you dont want or need.

help me please

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