Please make more 3 cards games

[Post New]by TinaB80 on May 9, 16 5:45 AM

I must be among the minority because I love these games my only fault is that we dont get to see the full 78 tarot cards in the games id love to see the meanings explaned throughout the games so you learn the tarot within the game for every card.
id love to do that but, maybe its just me as I love Tarot its a huge part of my life and really enjoyed the game. Have purchased the second one 3 cards to dead time the sound quality is better.
The 3 cards to midnight im having freeze frames happening in the game everytime there is a cut scene the words jolt and vanish. no idea whats going on in the story so played through the scenes and just read the cards infact ive written down the card meanings as, I found the information for the cards helpful ideas id not even thought of.
I loved the game please make more with the rest of the tarot cards in it.

many point clicks around the ideas of crystals and spirituality but no explanation for the tools at hand.

I get its a game site but itd be fun to expand on the whole arcana major minor. and continue the games for swords, cups, pentacle, wands. then the rest of the majors.

itd make good games and I believe you'd sell quite a few. I have studied tarot since I was a small girl wish I could work in helping with the tarot meanings with yourselves to create more of these games a girl can dream huh.

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