Feeding Frenzy 3

[Post New]by Shifty_Jones on Jan 10, 10 12:39 PM
Has it really been threee of four years since this game has been released? There needs to be a third edition of this game. With the advent of the netbook, there is a whole new audience for games. I love my $50 3d games on my high end laptop, but this $7 game is perfect for my netbook.

Ideas for the third edition...

Think outside of the box. Instead of limiting the screen to a box, have entire under waterworlds to explore.

Lead the fish with the camera. It sucks when I get bit by a fish at the edge of the screen. 2/3rds of the screen needs to be smoothly revealed as I switch direction. Even if I am at a boundary, I want to see what is coming. Of course, unless a fish is being cunning and hiding behind something... in which case you can on see the eyes.

Give us some bites. Shrinking the fish in the area of a predator's mouth is a cheap out. It doesn't need to be National Geographic style, but give a more satisfying fish bite. You can still make this a G rated game without the cop-out.

Chase scenes: When I heard about the intruder being shrunk, I thought I would see a scrolling background and need to keep up.

The theme for the third edition: Coral Reef

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Re:Feeding Frenzy 3

[Post New]by Psycho999 on Apr 25, 10 6:32 PM
Me too, totally loved it, so did my kids..desp for FF3 o come out, its a really good chill out game with excellent replay value


Re:Feeding Frenzy 3

[Post New]by treestump43 on Mar 3, 12 6:45 AM
when wll feeding frenzy 3 come out. has anyone heard anything?


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[Post New]by shamantent2013 on Feb 24, 13 9:28 PM
Is there a new game series Feeding Frenzy 3, or they're just creating it?


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[Post New]by feedingfrenzytwo on Mar 1, 13 7:02 AM
there should be 100 levels this time

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