Royal Envoy 23 Help

[Post New]by roserock on May 10, 16 7:40 AM
I can't seem to get past this level, what am I doing wrong?


Re:Royal Envoy 23 Help

[Post New]by sallenabq on Jul 19, 16 10:57 AM
my problem also. won't let me build the bridge to the markets. I can build the bridge behind the castle though. anyone have an answer? Big Fish?????


Re:Royal Envoy 23 Help

[Post New]by Oldfashioned1 on Dec 4, 16 12:45 AM
Try this:

Build a sawmill and start sawing in groups of 800.
Buy 3 tax collectors.
Saw until you have 5,000 for 1st bridge and build it.
Dig up 2 treasures after bridge.
Sell wood to markets
Pay off 1st pirate.
Dig up treasure.
Pay off 2nd pirate.
Build 2nd bridge and then a statue.

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