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Task 12: can't find mica and yellow topaz

[Post New]by smjjames on May 10, 16 11:40 AM
The hints say 'ancient' (more like late 17th century, perhaps 18th century) India, but I can't find them ANYWHERE in that area, I've looked all over and the hints don't get more specific...

So, anybody know where to find those two items?

edit: Got the mica...

edit: now the topaz.... They're pretty small and easily missed.

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Re:Task 12: can't find mica and yellow topaz

[Post New]by gmrgrl25 on May 12, 16 11:38 AM
where did you find the topaz? I found the Mica but have searched everywhere for the topaz. Is it in the same location as the Mica or a different area of the city? Never mind, I found it. For those looking both are in the same palace different sections.

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