This is the same developer

[Post New]by ladykokopuff on May 10, 16 1:08 PM
That made "The Emptiness". No wonder the game play seems so familiar.

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Re:This is the same developer

[Post New]by didersham on May 10, 16 1:32 PM
I love "The Emptiness"! I with they would make "The Emptiness 2"!

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Re:This is the same developer

[Post New]by tookat on May 29, 16 2:52 PM
Years ago, I tried playing Green Moon 1 and as a novice gamer, couldn't figure out anything.....and didn't even know enough to look and see if there was a walkthrough.

Today, after discovering that GM 2 is by the devs who made The Emptiness....
I decided to use a coupon and get GM1......though I am a little nervous they may not offer skips on some of the mini-games.

Still, I loved The Emptiness, and on the strength of that one game, I acquired and will attempt both Green Moons.

Happy, sane gaming campers!

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