Build-A-Lot: Mysteries 2 - Level 11

[Post New]by krlang111101 on May 11, 16 5:13 PM
I am perplexed as to how to get -100 neighborhood appeal? As soon as I light the houses, it goes down to -80! So frustrating! I have tried all kinds of combinations but since each lot along the bottom is a single lot, the saw mill next to it does not affect the house's rating! Thank you for your help.


Re:Build-A-Lot: Mysteries 2 - Level 11

[Post New]by Blooming_Lilac on May 27, 16 3:06 PM
Hi! Try building two mausoleums and placing one of them near a house on the right (second row with two lots). Build houses in the zoned lots so that you can place structures along the bottom.

My memory's a little foggy, but I believe this was my strategy:

You start with 1800 materials, if I recall correctly. Try building a farmhouse and a manor in the zoned lots first. I sold the farmhouse and bought it back at the end of the level, then demolished it to build a mansion to sell. I had the 3 required mansions fully upgraded with lights, and on the right (in the second row), I had one of my structures (or a mausoleum) and a colonial with lights.

I tried more than once to get a ribbon on this level. My game closed while I was typing this reply. I'll check the level and edit if I made a mistake. I had the workshop so I could hire more workers, but I didn't use efficiency training so I'd have enough money to buy the farmhouse I built at the beginning. Hope that helps.

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