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[Post New]by moonryu on May 13, 16 8:01 AM
Anyone get all of the trophies?

Here is the list of what I gotten, so far. I will update this as I get more.
There are 23 trophies possible.

1) Master Smasher -- Destroy 2500 pieces on a single level
2) Sharp Eye of the 4th Power -- Make 16x Match-4 on one level
3) Sharp Eye of the 5th Power -- Make 25x Match-4 on one level
4) Coiff of Wizard -- Cast 100 spells
5) Provend of Consolation -- Reach level 3 without any trophies
6) Orb-Maker of Pathways -- Make 5x L-shaped Match-5 in one level
7) Orb-Maker of Crossing -- Make 7x T-shaped Match 5 in one level
8) Master Mover -- Break 64 pieces from a single move
9) Epic Mover -- Break 144 pieces from a single move
10) Cascading Chimes of 5th Order -- Make a cascade of 5 matches in one move
11) Cascading Chimes of 7th Order -- Make a cascade of 7 matches in one move
12) Cascading Chimes of 9th Order -- Make a cascade of 9 matches in one move
13) Order of Toughness -- Play 3 levels without using spells
14) Egg of Thaumaturgy -- Collect 1000 mana
15) Gem Monger -- Collect 2000 gems
16) Champion -- Reach a score of 500,000
17) Liberator -- Free all creatures
18) Epitome of Persistence -- Take more than % moves to finish a level

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[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on May 26, 16 6:27 AM
I'm wondering what the last few trophies are myself as I've never been able to get them all either. The game deletes your profile as soon as you finish level 100 which I'm wondering is a glitch of some sort. A lot of the times where there are trophies like this, one of them is for finishing the game and another is for getting all other trophies, so if the profile is being automatically deleted there's no way to win them all if one or two of the trophies are as I'm describing?

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