Arrows (for Ruby)

[Post New]by robinbobbin on May 13, 16 2:51 PM
I have only the ruby to get for the altar of fire. The hint tells me to search in the medieval castle. I can't go into the medieval castle because it says I need a bow and arrows. I have the bow; made that by following the scroll. I cannot figure out how to make arrows! I have some bamboo stalks, some feathers, and some string, but they will not combine at all. I have some bent nails and blacksmith tools that seem like I ought to be able to either beat the nails straight or melt them down; but I can't do either. I have been to every location and time period and NOTHING more is available for me to do, so I MUST have all the pieces, right? I did find the YouTube walkthroughs from the developer, but they stop at the asteroid game. Anyone have any tips? Thanks much!


Re:Arrows (for Ruby)

[Post New]by robinbobbin on May 13, 16 3:02 PM
Ah, found it. NOW I can talk to the blacksmith. This game is frustrating!

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