FF2 Feedback

[Post New]by Shifty_Jones on Jan 12, 10 8:28 PM
The graphics, gameplay, and well... just everything is better on FF2. I deleted FF1 off before the trial was over for many reasons.

Still... FF2... I really want a new version. There needs to be more improvements.

The kill zones on the intruder are way off. Seriously. If these fish were to attack each other, things would play out differently. When the fish is your character, the mouth of the intruder can rub up against other fish with no attempt to bite. When a fish comes close to your tail, you shrink down and are done for.

When you are playing against the intruder the mines don't affect the fish if it runs into it. You have to draw him into it.

Give us more fish! This game could be amazing...

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