black screen cant play game? followed all game tips.

[Post New]by TinaB80 on May 15, 16 7:03 AM

Hello I have updated drivers I am on VGA Standard windows 7 graphics card.
I can play 3 cards to midnight 3 cards to deadtime and 13th skull only from my list of games. I am unable to get them to run past a black pop up screen can someone help me I have spent quite a bit on games lately I have wonderful games from the same series working on my tablet android and thought no issue would occur when switching to PC. I am excited to have these games but, very sad that I cant play them as, I know from past experience that bigfish make fantastic games and the graphics are wonderful I really enjoyed my android game wrath of the beast finished it yesterday.

please can someone help me I am seeing other games I really want to buy and drawn to today...and sadly my computer is only allowing 3 games to run its weird they all have 3's in the title that are working lol!

I sent a help ticket but hoping someone in forum can answer quicker and give me some advice. ive a mass of around 30 games unplayable and its driving me spare. thats a lot of cash to shell out and have nothing in return as way of gaming. desperate to play samhain and all my witchy games. dark romance.
do I need a new graphics card? if so what specs do I need to play these games? im willing to upgrade them if it means I can play these games.

thank you all

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