I have a simple question

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on May 15, 16 6:12 PM
What is the purpose of buying new card sets in the store for $5000.00 each???? I don't understand how this would improve your game at all. I assume it is just a set that just looks different. However I really enjoy the picture ones the game starts out with. They were a little difficult to see what the number is when stacked but I wrote down a list so I knew brass knuckles was a 10, handcuffs was a Ace, money bags were a 8 and so on. Anyway I am now playing the Challenge Mode and was wondering if the different card sets were worth purchasing and just may freshen the dealt cards a little as I am on 9 of 19 levels and can't seem to get enough cash so I can't move on. I get the perfects...the runs of 10 and the diamonds but just don't quite get enough money as it wants $12,000.00 to move on to level 10. The closest I came was $11,598.00. I wish there was a way to move on and play other levels and then come back to beat level 9 later. Oh well....it is a tough level but I am still very much enjoying this game even if I have replayed level 9 about 99 times. LOL I will defeat it sooner or later. So if any fishies or desktop game person has a answer to my query I would appreciate hearing from you. My goal is beat challenge mode and onto Five-Peaks what ever that is. LOL. Thanks.

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Re:I have a simple question

[Post New]by desktopgaming on May 16, 16 6:19 AM
Hello Glitteryfish person!

The other card sets serve no purpose other than to look different. They're kind of like the in-app purchases that normally plague "free" mobile games, only you don't have to spend any actual money of your own to get them.

The levels in Challenge Mode are meant to be borderline fiendish - even more so as you progress. You'll likely find that once you've completed a super-difficult level, the following one might actually be slightly easier to give your brain a break. The targets for each level were determined from the results of dozens of play-throughs by the testers, that were logged and sent to me during development.

Hopefully, getting $11,598 out of the needed $12,000 will make you say to yourself "just one more go, and I can have this!". But I guess you've said that about 98 times already....

As for five-peaks, your only aim there is to remove as many cards as possible, as quickly as possible whilst getting as high a score as possible. There are no power ups, no special cards, no money needed.

Hope this helps!

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Re:I have a simple question

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on May 17, 16 5:47 PM
Thank-you so much for your reply. It is wonderful to receive an answer so quickly. Just as wonderful as your game. I still have not beat Challenge Mode yet but so enjoy the the game and I will persevere until I get to the end. Again thanks for your reply and this wonderful little gem of a game. It is hands down the absolute best solitaire game I have played and part of that reason is because it is challenging and makes you keep coming back for more again and again to do just a few more tries to just do a few more rounds to advance ahead just a few more levels.

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