Assertion failure?

[Post New]by Drachenfuer on Jan 13, 10 9:09 PM
I have been playing the game with absolutly no problems....up until now. I am about 3/4 way through the game and I just went to reload/continue my game and as soon as I hit continue or choose a game to load, it freezes completly.

Nothing has changed between this afternoon when it played fine and tonight when I tried to continue. I actually have to control/alt/delete to bring up task manager to end the program and I can see in the background it says something about C+++ program and if I want to find out how my program cause an "assertion failure" I need to debug the program.

Anyone else have this problem or better yet know what I need to do?


Re:Assertion failure?

[Post New]by whitepriestess on Jan 14, 10 5:06 AM
Hi Drachenfuer,

This problem has been reported on the Sandlot forums as well and as of the last update, there is no fix for this problem. However, there is a workaround for it. I'll copy and paste what Kat from Sandlot Games says about this:


Hi guys,

This is a known issue, though we have not been able to track down the source of the error. We have created a workaround that has been successful for many of our customers and should get you playing your saved games again. It will require you to delete your current profile (as that has been corrupted)and recreating it, so please follow the directions below very carefully:

1) Navigate to the “Westward IV” saved data folder:

XP users go here:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sandlot Games\Westward IV

Vista users go here:
C:\Users\(Username)\Saved Games\Sandlot Games\Westward IV

2) Open up the “Profiles” folder you will find there.

3) Inside you will find a file that starts with your profile name (for example, mine would be: Kat.WestwardIVProfile). This is your saved Profile. You will also find a folder with a corresponding name that houses your saved games for that profile.

4) Delete your profile file from step #3 (in my case, I would be deleting “Kat.WestwardIVProfile”) . If you have multiple profiles, delete the last profile you were playing when the crash occurred. DO NOT DELETE THE FOLDER THAT HAS THE SAME NAME AS YOUR PROFILE OR YOU WILL DELETE YOUR SAVED GAMES.

5) Launch the game. Select “Profile” from the Main Menu. The game will ask you to create a new profile.

6) Create a new Profile with the SAME NAME as the one you deleted. It must match the name of the saved games folder.

7) After you create your Profile and return to the Main Menu, the “Load” button will no longer be grayed out.

8) Click on the “Load” button. At the “Load Games” Menu you will see some blank load game slots. These are actually your saved games, however, the names have been erased. Don’t worry, any new saves you create will have names attached to them. The empty slots will still say “Empty.”

9) From there, you can click on your last save (in this case, the last blank, wood-looking slot, if that makes sense) and continue on with your Westward IV adventure!

We are still looking for a permanent solution to this problem, however, in the meantime, this will allow you to play your games. As we have not been able to determine what triggers this problem, we cannot guarantee that it

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Re:Assertion failure?

[Post New]by whitepriestess on Jan 14, 10 5:08 AM
won't happen again, though I have not yet had any reports of a recurrence.



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