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Decrease time to make edaloot

[Post New]by Vichrice on May 16, 16 5:13 AM
I was thinking about people's complaints about losing green stones and leftover edaloot.
I think it might help if it only took like 5 minutes to make edaloot from green stones, instead of 45.
The change should not hurt the designer's goals, whatever they might have been, and would allow players to wait until they have enough green stones before starting the transformation.
The way it is now, it takes many hours to make the necessary edaloot, and during this time, many things can go wrong: internet failure, player falls asleep, some kind of emergency etc. etc.

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Re:Decrease time to make edaloot

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on May 18, 16 1:47 PM
Hi Vichrice,

Thank you for taking the time to post your suggestion for the production time of Edaloot in the underwater islands. I definitely understand the concern that players have with the production time. We will continue to advocate for the players and pass along recommendations and suggestions for changes within the game. If players do experience technical issues during the production time of Edaloot, please reach out to our Technical Support Team with your player ID. The support team is always happy to help in any way that they can. I'll include a help article below:

Finding Your In-Game ID

Thank you for your patience.


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