Between Worlds

[Post New]by squidferbrains on May 16, 16 3:09 PM
Hi I made a discovery today. Its prob common knowledge already but thought I'd share. When in Trolls castle.. not only can you travel back to witches world to collect coins from the gold mine but you can also cash up your fire-flies for gold without it compromising your troll stash AND you can collect the power ups from fire-fly flats from there and dragon city !!!!! I LOVE this game !!!

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Re:Between Worlds

[Post New]by Theorem on May 17, 16 6:17 AM
Yup!! :-)

I had never tried to sell fireflies and hadn't realised before last week that you could do that only once a day so now I am selling the ones in Dragon District every day ... when I think about it!! ;-)

Happy gaming!

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