Rescue team 5 help for level 18 please?

[Post New]by lynnn0 on May 16, 16 8:32 PM
Rescue Team 5 level 18 says capture 3 thieves but there are only 2!!!!.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still only 2 thieves. Help!! What's up ???

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Re:Rescue team 5 help for level 18 please?

[Post New]by plat1098 on Jun 12, 16 2:42 PM
Dated post but here's some clues for anyone who needs 'em:

1. Two thieves are loose, the other is stashed in the diner, which you technically don't need anyway.
2. The path of least resistance is to the left so clear it to the two building sites, build diner and lumberyard. Build an additional diner and lumberyard.
3. You're in no hurry to rebuild that one house. You have all that cash lying around so save your lumber for the cop station and heli pad. Actually, start building the one free gas station early so you can start rescuing animals steadily.
4. Don't need to demolish anything. When all your buildings are built, focus on collecting gas and pouncing on each animal as it leaves the heli. Don't even have to pick up any other resources.

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