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Temple Protection Mini-Game

[Post New]by wxman77477 on May 18, 16 10:46 AM
Any suggestions for achieving 3 Skeletons for this mini-game? I have two, but have not found the building scheme to get three.

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Re:Temple Protection Mini-Game

[Post New]by pfalcioni on May 18, 16 3:12 PM
I started with one of the most expensive guns and 2 or 3 of the cheapest guns located closest to the fort. I upgraded to one more expensive gun with the next wave, and then kept adding cheap guns until all locations were full, I switched the cheap guns for expensive ones as soon as I had the money.

Also, you don't have to sink the incoming ships before they get to the fort, you just have to sink them before they leave the map and be sure to click on the stolen treasure before it disappears.

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