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I loved this game

[Post New]by barbiecats2000 on Jan 16, 10 4:59 AM
Unlike many of you, I didn't have any problems with this cute game. It played all the way through for me without a hitch.

I found the game challenging and am going to play through again with different charcters now that I know a little more about what to collect along the way. I don't know what the wood was for so I'm going to spend more time checking out the finer details.

The dog was essential and helped me solve several of the situations. I did not look at the walk through but still played the entire game to it's conclusion.

Great game for me! Thank you.

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Re:I loved this game

[Post New]by gezza67uk on Dec 26, 12 3:06 AM
i've just finished it and would like to restart but can't find out how to do so

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Re:I loved this game

[Post New]by soblessed57 on Dec 26, 12 5:45 AM
I have the same game except it is called Great Adventures: Xmas Edition and has a huge Christmas tree in the lobby that you have to collect the decorations for. I've replayed it many many times,because I really enjoy it.

Re: gezza67uk....
To replay, you just create a new player profile by clicking "if this is not you click here".

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