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Hello Fishies,

I am wondering if any of you can help me find some more TRUE adventure games~ like this one. Of course, by TRUE ADVENTURE, I mean NO JUNKPILES (HOS), good story + good puzzles!!

I've spent soooooo much time trying to comb through the 'Adventure' listings (and forums too, actually)+ very rarely having any luck...

Some of the games I have liked (some more than others + some from BFG/some not) are:
- Machinarium
- Myst (what adventurer doesn't love this game?)
- Tiny Bang (BFG)
- Steel Life (BFG)
- The Painted Tower series (BFG: although I never got to finish the last one~ the game kept getting stuck at the same place + couldn't find a fix anywhere)
- Samrost
- Lilly Looking Through
- Namariel Legends: Iron Lord (BFG)
- Violett
- The Night of the Rabbit

If anyone has some more great adventure games, please let me know! I'd love to use some of my credits AND, more importantly, have some new sweet games to play without drudging through HO after HO.

Thanks in advance!!!!



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Adventure games such as The Night of the Rabbit are traditionally called "Point and Click" games. They often contain a lot of dialog and puzzles (no HOGs). Maybe if you look for point and clicks you will have better luck finding new games.

One of the more famous new Point & Click developers are Daedalic, the ones that made Night of the Rabbit. Their most famous series is: Deponia (4 games so far). I tried it but didn't really like the main person in it. I much preferred their other game "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout".

I see you have Machinarium and Samorost by Amanita on your list, my favorite game by them is Botanicula if you haven't tried it I really recommend it.
The Samorost series contains 3 games, the first is free and can be played in your browser, the third is pretty new I think.
Link to Amanita's website and games:

Games on my wishlist that I haven't tried but would like to play one day is:
* Lumino City, seems to have less dialog and more puzzles. Just like my beloved Amanita games
* Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments have gotten great reviews and I love classical Sherlock Holmes.

If you want to try something with not as good puzzles but Amazing atmosphere one of my favorite games of all times is Puzzle Agent 1 and 2. I absolutely love the setting in the game.



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Thanks for the reply, aliqua

Yep, I have already tried adding 'point-and-click', but only 5 or 6 games pop up... Hence, this post!

I had the same issue with Deponia~ couldn't STAND the main character! Actually, couldn't stand most of them, which is really too bad. Slightly less abrasive characters could've made them great games!
I have played the E & H games, too, and they're ok. Not my fave, but ok.

I tried to find the Sherlock Holmes games + Puzzle Agents, but no luck on BF, at least under 'Mac' games.

I am really hoping someone will have some more great BFG suggestions! I know they are out there, but the way BF have their genres labeled/sorted makes them really hard to find.

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Yeah, they used to have a "large file" category where you could find proper adventure games, but they threw it all together with HOGs and IHOGS and whatnot under "adventure" a few years back. Since then finding something to play has been like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

I checked my purchase history, but unfortunately most of the games aren't available for Mac. One I can definitely recommend (and which is available for Mac) is:

- The Inner World

It starts a bit slow, but is well worth it.

Another one I've played but can't really remember (I think it was not great, but fine):

- The Secrets of Da Vinci

I found a few which I've marked down as "maybe someday" but haven't played, so I can't tell you whether they're good or not, but at least they have Mac versions on BF:

- Destination: Treasure Island
- Hotel
- The Legend of Crystal Valley

There's also Syberia, but BF is selling it in three parts for the full price each, which I personally find pretty outrageous - the game is from 2002, and no matter how good it is, this smells like a ripoff to me.

Annnd I'll give you the list of Windows only Adventures I've bought myself from BF anyway, just in case:

- Art of Murder: FBI Confidential
- Dracula Origin
- Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy
- Return to Mysterious Island
- Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

The Nancy Drew series also features a lot of great games (NOT Dossier though, that's some sort of casual game and very different from the rest of the games), but again, not available for Mac. If you get a chance to try them out: Secret of Shadow Ranch, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, The Haunting of Castle Malloy, The Phantom of Venice, or Legend of the Crystal Skull are fan favourites and good choices.

If you want to find a good selection of proper adventure games, your best bet is probably to look elsewhere; Botanicula, like the other poster mentioned, is really wonderful (if not really a point&click adventure), as is Broken Age; and there's a whole host of smaller or older games and remakes that's really worth playing. The new(ish) Sam&Max and Monkey Island episodes are pretty good as well.



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I just started playing 'The Inner World'! I have been liking it so far, except it just froze on me + disappeared a bunch of my inventory on reopening... Oh well, back I go...

Searching for 'Large File' still works~ somewhat, anyway. It did help me find a few.

I just started playing the Nancy Drew games, too + have been loving their puzzle/story aspects. Not many seem to be available for Mac, though. I'm starting to think I should keep my eye out for an affordable PC, just for games.

*** I just realized 'Violett' is also available on BFG, but only for PC. I HIGHLY recommend it!!! Its quirky, super fun, and some of the puzzles really make you think. The puzzles are all 'environmental' rather than 'mini-games', too

I've played some of the others from other sites (Botanicula, Broken Age, have RtMI 1+2 wishlisted, as I just found a Mac version)... but, Thank You for the list of others to check out!!!

I'll add others here (from BFG) as I find them... If we can't have a separate category, at least we can all help each other fish!



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Better late than never I suppose.

Try :

Plus A Magnetic Adventure
Cleopatra, A Queens Destiny
The Delaware St John series
Rooms the Main Building
The Fall Trilogy

All from BFG, some are not really adventure, but puzzlers, like Tiny Bang Story.

If you haven't found it already, I'd suggest Steam. Enough adventure games on there to keep you going for years!

Good luck

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