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[Post New]by trekkiespice on Jan 17, 10 4:31 AM
I seem to be on my own in this forum and I'm not sure anyone will see this but I have several questions.

1. How do I know when I've won. What is the actual goal.

2. Can I get rid of my rivals and if so, how. I have got three stands maxed out and if I totally get rid of one of my competitors e.g. the highlighted pink, they don't actually go away, but their warehouse remains and they take back some of my areas.

trekkie spice

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[Post New]by Hope512 on Apr 17, 10 7:50 PM
There's a walkthrough on [removed by moderator] which I found helpful. As far as I can tell the idea is to put all the other people out of business. It's not as involving as Fairy Godmother Tycoon but I'm still enjoying it.

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[Post New]by Gemini11 on Jul 20, 11 10:53 AM
"In order to drive a competitor out of business, it's not enough to simply remove all of their blocks from the board. You also need to surround their warehouse and prevent them from placing any stands on the board. You'll have to repeat this several times until they have run out of money (even if the demand in those surrounding blocks is 10%). You can't allow the competitor to place a single stand, or they'll begin to grow again."

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