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[Post New]by 16paws on May 21, 16 6:42 PM
Magus is such an amazing game, similar to Snowy Treasures and the Granny series. Unlike other platformers, Magus avoids repetitive game play, which in other platformers leads quickly to boredom. Each level needs to be studied before the player jumps into the action. The enemies are considerate enough to wait while this analysis takes place (for how long, I don't know; I didn't push my luck.)

There are some technical problems with the game: Level 34 seems programmed to freeze; somewhere around level 50, the characters flutter, leading to the game shutting down and issuing an Error message. Further on, there are other malfunctions. I've had to uninstall and reinstall at least four times, then restart the PC to overcome these problems...such a disappointment for such an outstanding game. The fact that I stuck with Magus is evidence that the game is worth going to extra measures to enable playing to the end.

I do wish the producers would work on these technical issues and provide downloadable fixes.

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