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[Post New]by juhuwoorps on Jan 17, 10 6:22 AM
Hi there, I just wanted to mention, I hope I am posting this in the right place, please forgive me if not..

I just wanted to mention that if u play thebook--the one u get when u open up the safe in the Library--[ It's an additional book to play..] It's the one where u enter in the words, "MagicBook" -It then gives u the Frankenstein game to play..

It's behind the picture in the Library~

Anyways, if u play this after completing the entire game..and your only option at that point is to save and exit after--There will be an error..

So I mention this, so someone knows to play the extra book..before ending the entire game--the very last book..

Have it so u play that one, perhaps before ending the entire book collection on the shelf

This book i speak of, is located in the Library..behind the picture..

Hope that helps..:d

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