Stuck On Lounge Safe

[Post New]by EMERALDLILYCUTIE on May 22, 16 5:25 PM
I'm in the lounge where I am suppose to open a safe. I got the 'rubbings' for the two codes that would open the safe but I noticed that the twelve dials on the lounge plate doesn't seem to match the rubbing codes I received.

The letters of the codes is: SE,E,N,SE,N,SE,N E,N,S,SE,E and I am suppose to use the twelve dials on these letters and that is suppose to open the safe; Right?? Wrong, because when I use the dial for the letter of SE; I noticed that the dials only rotates on one letter at a time not on two letters combine.

It sure will help if someone can show me how to rotate/use the dials correctly so I can open the safe and continue with the process of playing this game.

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