how do i get pass step

[Post New]by allenpatricia497 on Jan 17, 10 6:58 PM
hi i am playing cajun cop french qarter caper
when i get to the hotel picayune i get stuck all the time whrn i try to go up the step i need to how to get pass the step

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Re:how do i get pass step

[Post New]by randzimm on Jan 17, 10 7:18 PM
me gots no clue but check out this link on bfg:

hope it helps

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Re:how do i get pass step

[Post New]by deztoy on Jan 17, 10 10:16 PM
Allenpatricia, just click on 'All Game Forums' at the top of the page. Cajun Cop is #2 on the list of games starting with 'c' That will take you to the Cajun Cop forum where hopefully you can find the answer you need.

Welcome to the pond

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Re:how do i get pass step

[Post New]by tunaontoast on Jan 17, 10 11:01 PM
I never played that game....sorry I can't help. Hopefully you'll find the answer.

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Re:how do i get pass step

[Post New]by bfgZambezi on Jan 18, 10 8:40 AM
Hey Fishies,

Since we've got a full game forum for Cajun Cop: The French Quarter Caper, I'm going to go ahead and move this thread over.

You can find the full forum by clicking here.

Hey allenpatricia497, I haven't had a chance to play your game either, but we also have a Big Fish Blog walkthrough on that forum as well. You can find the full walkthrough by clicking here.

Happy gaming!


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Re:how do i get pass step

[Post New]by mtjtb5 on Jul 28, 10 7:48 PM
Has anyone figured out how to get into Joe's room. I am stuck. I don't know how to find the code for the panel and can't get anywhere else. Someone please help.

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