help with the strawberry lemonade

[Post New]by freeofmypast on Jan 18, 10 12:08 PM
I am having trouble with the lemonade. When I try to put the strawberry in the lemonade and I click on it. I end up with an extra lemonade in my hand. How do I keep this from happening? I know that I am doing something wrong..


Re:help with the strawberry lemonade

[Post New]by heat_her_77 on Feb 13, 11 6:04 AM
Make sure you don't have a lemonade already made in the blender. Also they introduce the new flavor by level 24. Get the double blender by that time. Then you should always put the lemonade in one and the strawberry in the other. Always have these items made in advance, and when a customer orders, get the materials from the bin and start a new one. Pre-making the sandwiches, ice cream and smoothies is how to win levels!!

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