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How to save your game

[Post New]by Volauvent on Jan 18, 10 5:57 PM
Different game developers assign different save methods to their games.

The one used in Chronicles is not uncommon:

When your cursor approaches the top of the game screen, you are presented with several options you will need to play the game. One of the options is SAVE.

Click on save and a new window will appear with with a blank image box that is all back. Click on the black area and your game is saved with an image of the scene of your save spot.

Each save is preserved in its own box on the same page so you can see them all and easily load a location or level you've already been through.

I strongly suggest that you save often because you may have to load a saved scene in order to return for an item you missed.

Save methods commonly found in games:

Auto save: The game automatically saves your sessions, but you cannot jump to a previous scene. This method is seldom found in large file games as it would make the game play nearly impossible.

F Save: In some adventure games, one presses one F key to save, another to load.

This type of save does not provide a scene image and frequently, does not allow you to enter a scene description. If you need to jump to a previous scene, you need a fairly good memory of your play and saves. Of course, trial and error always works, and it only takes a second or two to load and decide if you chose the right scene.

Main menu save: This method requires that you return to the main menu, click on save, and follow whatever steps are required.

Depending on the game, you can either return directly to the scene or after saving you are sent once again to the main menu where you then click on Resume, Continue, Return, etc.

Save button on the screen: Self-explanatory

Common save format views:

1. Time of save

2. Designation/description chosen by developer

3. Description chosen by gamer (type your own)

4. Scene image

I hope this explanation has been helpful for those of you who have encountered difficulties while trying to save your game play.

Vol au vent

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