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I must have missed something!!!

[Post New]by laurimd on Jan 19, 10 12:14 AM
I started playing the game; beautiful graphics, music is nice, etc. I looked in level editing and the other level Bubble, but I saw nothing about a story or how to edit the levels, etc. Help was of no help to me, so that is why I came to the forum. Will someone explain how to get the story and do the other things in the game. I haven't completed the game yet, but got 440,000+ pts in 8 levels. Help though, please...yes, read right through the story-not even realizing it was a story, but guess the other things go into effect after the 12th chapter--think I'm staying up too late at night! lol

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Re:I must have missed something!!!

[Post New]by cll1950 on Feb 2, 12 7:40 AM
I agree, why have an editing level with no instructions? What's the point?

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